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Graduate Program


A graduate program combines the disciplines of academic study with Christian formation and discipleship. As such, students are expected to demonstrate they have acquired knowledge on a graduate level of competency. They are required to advance their knowledge in biblical and theological disciplines, music, translation and interpretation. These programs are designed to integrate knowledge of biblical and theological disciplines with practical skills to help broaden the student's Christian worldview.
The graduate programs serve the mission of CMU by providing professional ministry training that: (1) is academically integrative, (2) teaches and models the highest Christian character for effective ministry, (3) guides students in developing a Christian worldview for ministry, (4) provides students with a high level of biblical exegetical skills for effective preaching, and (5) offers leadership development for ministry.


Students who receive a graduate degree from CMU should be able to:

  • Demonstrate effective leadership skills in the practice of ministry.

  • Integrate biblical principles into all disciplines while developing a Christian worldview.

  • Communicate the Gospel effectively to all people.

  • Formulate a systematic program for personal spiritual and professional growth.

  • Respond to challenges to Christianity from critics.


Degrees Offered


Doctor of Ministry

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Master of Divinity

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Master of Biblical Studies

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Master of Christian Counseling

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Master of Christian Education

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