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At CMU undergraduate students receive education that integrates biblical studies, faith, leadership, and learning in an environment where they can grow spiritually and intellectually. Students are prepared to become a leader in their fields while encouraged to cultivate critical and creative thinking, academic excellence, and professional competence. Students experience transformation personally, professionally and spiritually through as they are trained to think ministry and missions extends beyond the classroom into real-world experiences that prepare students for a lifetime of service and contribution to the public good. CMU’s Christ-centered curriculum leads students to the path that will help them fulfil their lire callings.


Students who receive a graduate degree from CMU should be able to:

  • Manifest a life-style of Christ-like character and integrity.

  • Communicate the Gospel effectively to all people.

  • Defend the Bible's authority as an infallible guide for matters of faith and practice.

  • Apply Christian faith to world issues and in their daily lives.

  • To be equipped for graduate studies and professional advancement

Degrees Offered

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

Bachelor of Theology

Classroom Lecture

Bachelor of 

Christian Education

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