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President's Message

On behalf of Christ Mission University faculty, administration, and staff, I sincerely welcome you all.

We are living in an age when we as Christians are challenged to ponder upon the meaning of learning and life. Moreover, valid academic degrees are required nowadays for Christian missions and research. For this reason, we at Christian Mission University have developed an effective academic program for Christians currently engaging in various fields of ministry.

Our rigorous academic requirements, experienced faculty, and carefully selected textbooks are guaranteed to produce satisfactory results in all fields of Christian ministry. As a Christian higher learning institution, our goal is to help every believer around the world who desires to serve as a Christian leader. Our professors possessed of unparalleled missionary and theological expertise are committed to provide enormous intellectual growth and other necessary conditions for those who have been called to serve God.  

Currently, we are expanding and have developed online courses and degree programs to help students around the world study anywhere at any time and fulfill their calling beyond the confines of time and physical space constraints. We understand the nature of everyone’s God-given callings and strive towards fulfilling them by offering affordable tuition and providing more academic courses and degree programs.

God bless you as you start the first step of your educational journey in the Lord.


Hoon Kim Ph.D., Th.D.

Our Vision
& Mission

Millions of animal and plant species exist in the world. As believers, we know that they have been created by God. We also know that human beings have been created by God as His  masterpiece. As they increased in number, they spread apart, developed distinct physical characteristics according to habitat types, food culture, and language. Mutual communication became difficult, if not impossible. Then, God sent His only begotten Son Jesus Christ to earth about 2000 years ago and the message of the gospel became known to us. On the conviction that this message is to be spread to people of different languages and cultural customs in conformity to the Lord’s command, Christ Mission University was founded with the help of spiritually zealous faculty members who are committed to evangelism. One of the greatest challenges ointercultural/global evangelism is training native ministers for effective indigenous ministry. We are making it possible by the help of dedicated individuals for people from all over the world to study in their native tongues. Our commitment to the development of multilanguage learning and missions is sure to bear fruitful results and will continue till the day of the Lord’s coming.




Hoon Kim, Ph.D., Th.D.

Ph.D. Minesota Graduate School of Theology

Th.D. Yeshua University, California 2010


Academic Dean
of Asia Campus

Jin Sook Kim, Ph.D.
M.Div. Yeshua University, California 2011
Ph.D.  Yeshua University, California 2014


Academic Dean
of East Asia Campus

Seung Kwan Jeon ,Th.D.
Director of Institute of Bible Land
Th.D. Christ Mission University, California 2019


Academic Dean
of West Asia Campus

David Choi, Th.D.
B.A. Bethesda University, California 1989  
M.Div. Grace Mission University, California
Th.D. Christ Mission University, California  2019


Academic Dean
of Los Angeles Campus

Sam Shin , Th.D.
B.A. Bethesda University, California
M.A. Liberty University, Virginia
Th.D. Yeshua University, California

육기드온 03 DSC_0464.jpg

Dean of Ministry

Gidion Yuk, M.Div.
B.A. Life Pacific University, California
M.Div. Fuller Theological Seminary, California


Dean of Student Affairs

Daniel C. Choi, D.Min.
B.A. Bethesda University, California 
M.Div. Bethesda University, California 2009
D.Min. Bethesda University, California 2018
Th.M. Fuller Theological Seminary, California 2019


Academic Dean

Kenneth Park,Th.D.
B.A. Bethesda University, 2002
M.Div. Bethesda University, California 2014
Th.D. Yeshua University, California 2017


Dean of Graduate Program

John Strazicich, Ph.D
M.A. Fuller Theological Seminary
Ph.D. Fuller Theological Seminary

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