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How to apply?

We are glad that you have decided to submit the online application for admission to Christ Mission University.

[Admission Process]

Carefully review admission requirements before you begin application process.

In order to apply for admission to Christ Mission University using the Online Application, you must complete the following steps:


Step 1. Preliminary Application

Click Apply Online button. Complete the preliminary online application and submit it.


Step 2. Submission of Documents

Admission office will contact you. You will be required to submit the following:

  • Application fee of $50 for U.S. resident students or $100 for international students.

  • Official Transcripts (must be mailed to admissions office)

  • Christian Testimonial essay for Theology program students. Personal Essay for all other major students.

  • Copy of Photo I.D. (e.g., copy of Driver's license or passport).


Step 3 Admissions Decision

CMU's Admission committee will make a decision and will send the new applicant the result.

  • Admitted student will receive the letter of Admission from the Admission Committee.

  • Non-admitted student will receive the notice of non-admission from the Admission Committee.


Step 4. Registration

New student can register for the new semester.

**If you have any technical difficulty applying online, you may download the regular           Application Form. Fill it out and submit it to CMU Admissions by email.

Christ Mission University

Office of Admissions


How to Apply


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